Hello and welcome to Speech Potion No. 8!

A little intro - my name is Karen and I am a Speech-Language Pathologist of 16 years.  I have been working with children for the past 14 years.  Starting in 2009, I began coursework in Auditory-Verbal Therapy for children with hearing loss.  Since that time, I have accrued over 200 hours of training.  I love working with children and specializing in working with children with hearing loss.

For those of you who followed me over at The Speech Umbrella, the reason I switched to this blog is because I do have a specialty area and wanted to make that a primary area of focus.  Also, I have noticed that not a lot of materials exist specifically for hearing impaired services.  Or, there are great language resources, but many SLPs don't understand how to implement them for hearing impaired students.  This is where I hope to help!  So, please, if you ever have ANY questions regarding services, goals, therapy techniques, materials, or anything at all, I would love to share what I have learned!

Speaking of materials, I am hoping to create some great resources for hearing impaired speech therapy!  I will continue to have my best sellers for other speech/language areas in my TpT store.  My new materials will focus on listening skills, sound awareness, speech babble, assessment, vocabulary, auditory-verbal strategies, combination sign language/spoken language materials, and lesson planning.

I began this blog to educate, bring awareness, and provide resources for SLPs, teachers, parents, and anyone who wants to help children with hearing loss learn to listen and speak! I chose the name of my blog as a take off of the song "Love Potion No. 9" - the No. 8 represents the 8th cranial nerve, which is the auditory nerve.

I hope you will check out the links in the top left corner and follow me on social media and Teachers Pay Teachers.

Thanks for joining me!!


  1. Congratulations on getting your new blog up and running and for taking the plunge to go with your niche! I love the reasoning for number 8 in your new name :) Looking forward to learning more about the knowledge you have in this area!

    1. Thank you, Kari! I am excited too! Happy to have you here.


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