What is Auditory Verbal anyway?

In my own words, Auditory-Verbal Therapy is a technique used by SLPs, Audiologists, and Deaf Educators to encourage children who are hearing impaired to use listening and spoken language as their primary means of communication.

Why do we need it? 95% of children born deaf/HH have hearing parents who DO NOT know sign language.  Of these, only 2% of parents learn sign language well enough to communicate beyond a basic level.  Children enter school with a HUGE gap between their chronological age and their language age.  They start out from the beginning trying to learn to read a language they do not know well. (Beth Walker 2010)

What is the solution? It is always the parent's choice as to which pathway they want for their child - spoken language, total communication, combination.  With early identification and new hearing technology, there can absolutely be growth in the auditory portions of the brain even for children who are profoundly deaf.    However, there is no "quick fix".  Technological and medical devices only give children access to hearing - USE of this hearing depends on the therapy that they receive once they have been given this hearing potential. (Beth Walker 2010)

This therapy is extremely interesting to me and something I have worked to learn as much as possible about.  In my next post, we will explore Auditory-Verbal Principles.

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