What makes a GREAT SLP?

Have you ever asked yourself, "What makes me a GREAT SLP?".  I have! I want to connect with my students, their parents, and their teachers on a level that makes a difference in that child's life.   So, how can I do that exactly?  Is there some kind of magic potion? 😉 I don't know the answer to that, but as I have been thinking about this, a few thoughts have come to mind.

First, when working with children, often the initial rapport you establish is essential to your therapy program.  I like to start therapy out with the absolute most awesome activities I have.  The younger the child, the more interactive and engaging the activity.  The child typically focuses on the activity as the whole point to being there, but we all know that the activity is just the portal to the goal.

Second, one way I have tried to increase engagement with children and their families is to send home a preference survey.  This little letter typically includes a little intro about myself and an explanation about what I am looking for on the survey.  Mostly, it's just the children's preferences for activities (coloring, art, painting, swinging, etc), food (include any allergies), and what motivates them.  I love getting these back and gearing therapy toward preferred activities and topics.

The third thought was definitely the most reflective one.  I feel like a therapist who treats a child as more than their disability and instills lessons in the children that extend beyond speech therapy is invaluable.  Additionally, an SLP who can provide comfort to a parent and provide them with a positive outlook for their child when the positive outlook is hard to find is a person that I want to learn from.  This is where I want to be! I don't have any experience with counseling, so I would love to hear from those of you out there who do have experience in this area in working with parents.

So, let me hear from you.  I would really love it!

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